Lush Prince

LUSH Prince Labeling:
Prince Triple Orange Blossom Shaving Cream label states, “Conquer your stubble with our ultra-smooth, extra-soothing orange, mandarin, and neroli shaving cream.” The consistency of the product is very similar to hand cream,

All LUSH shave products are packaged in a brown plastic tubs that resemble Haagen Daz or Ben & Jerry’s ice cream containers.

Editor’s Note:
Lush products are packaged or filled by hand. All ingredients are fresh, and few preservatives are used to ensure you’re getting the freshest youngest products in the cosmetic industry. The cream is hand-packed and has a decal on it that says, “Made by Nicky” the date that she made it, and a “best use before” expiration date on it. I was tempted to call Lush and find out if “Nicky” actually exists, but I have a hunch she does.

Untraditional Shaver Wanted:
First and foremost, to open Prince, hold the container upright and carefully un-screw the top. (I wanted to pry it off with my fingertips and just about lost it all!) The product has a creamy consistency so if you’re not holding it upright, you might just spill it.  It’s white and it’s creamy.

Don’t be afraid of it.  Dip your fingertips into it and grab a small amount to gently rub onto your face and into your beard.  Be advised Prince does not contain any soaping agents, so don’t expect any foam or lather. Badger brush fans; this product is not for you. For sensitive skin shavers this product is ideal. No soaps, no dryness.

Shower as usual. When you’re done, brush off any excess water, and apply Prince. I got a great shave out of Prince, but it’s a product that works best with less water as opposed to more.  The more water you start with, or add to it during your shave, the more it dilutes and less effective it becomes at taming your beard. Feel free to shave with or against the grain with Prince. I did and didn’t experience any razor burn or irritation.

The orange blossom is neither overpowering nor girly as I would have expected. Instead, I was left with a close shave and a moisturized face.

None really. The only downside I see is the packaging.  I know it’s part of their company philosophy, but I wish it was packaged thinner so I could stand it up. I have very little space in my medicine chest for product. If you put it in a tube, then guess what?  You got another process and another machine to put it in the tube, and you’re not going to pack it by hand.

4-5 stars
I really liked the results of my shave with Prince, both in terms of shave and experience.  Initially the packaging was a hang-up for me, but the reviews were stellar. It’s definitely a product that needs time for the average guy to figure out. If you’re not adventurous, don’t buy this. You’re girlfriend or wife will end up with it. Hmmmm, maybe you should buy it, so they use it and then owe you big time!

Buy it for your man and use it yourself.  You’re going to fall in love with this stuff.  If you’re a man, buy it.  If you’re a woman buying for a man, buy it.  Just go buy this stuff, man.

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